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Kello Naseeb Review

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On the surface KelloNaseeb.com has quite a lot going for it: it’s 100% free to use, easy to sign up, contains search options and more. But whilst it won’t cost you anything to use, it’s not the best Arab dating site around. 

KelloNaseeb.com provides you with a profile page, which they call ‘My Desktop’. Essentially this is a page which allows you to provide information about yourself, as well as photos, in the hope that members will get in touch. They also have sections where you can view your contacts, see your matches, see who's Online Now, read members' blogs, and perform a Search.

After executing a search you can browse through brief profile descriptions of each member that matched your search criteria. To start with you can view their picture, username, age, location, and family roots. If they've written a biography then the first few sentences of this will also appear to give some idea of who they are. With this brief overview you won't lose time clicking on every profile to find out if you're interested. So it allows you to search as quickly or slowly as you please.

If the brief overview intrigues you then you can click on their profile page and view their other pictures, get their full bio, read their blog, add them to your contacts list, send them a message and even page them. The page facility is a hybrid of an email message and an IM. It is a unique feature of the site and provides a way to say a quick hello to another member or invite them to a chat forum.

Thankfully it looks as though the site has done away with its peculiar “nudge” options, one of which was a “brick to the face”. Presumably a brick to the face was supposed to be a playful way to tell someone you're not interested but it seems aggressive and unnecessary, particularly as there is an option to Block someone (without any brick-face-interaction!). Bit of a shame to lose the more friendly nudge options, though.

The My Desktop section provides your every day needs for online dating. Here you have a list of your contacts, a list of your favorite blogs to keep up to date with other members, a listing of new blogs to offer a little variety, an events calendar, and the ever important list of those who have recently viewed your profile.

On your My Desktop section you can also get regular updates of site news and daily horoscopes. Zodiac signs seem to be one of the forefront topics on this site as all profiles offer their zodiac sign. However, many of these elements feel a little lack lustre, and don’t always seem particularly useful in helping to find a date.

For those who like to be regularly updated on messages received and other site events, KelloNaseeb.com will send alerts either to your email or mobile phone by SMS. You simply adjust the settings on your desktop, by clicking on the link just below your photo.

You can also change your display settings to show a different language and specify which gender you would like to appear in the random members that are offered at the bottom of each page. For Instant Messaging you can set your profile to accept any incoming messages, or not.

There are a couple of real drawbacks to this site, which is why it didn’t score more highly. Firstly, the search facility isn’t brilliant. In the first stage of the search we found you had to enter a large range in age in order to get a different group of results, which can defeat the purpose if you're looking for a specific age range. It offers the ability to get quite specific but in using the specifics we had very little, if any, search results to browse. This may suggest a very small membership database.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, there was only one other member online when we logged on. We tried a few times but only saw up to 3 members browsing when we were. Many of the profiles are also incomplete, showing that users aren’t really bothering to use the site. This is very disappointing as it showed real promise. 

The lack of membership fees and the options to change your display settings are plus points for KelloNaseeb.com. But there seem to be quite a few negatives too, including limited search results, a lack of nudge options and a lack of users. So if you want a top class site with lots of fun ways to interact with thousands of members dedicated to finding someone special, then we suggest that you become a member of our top ranking site. However, if you’re strapped for cash then this one could turn out to be useful.

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